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About Us

Who We Are

Deultimate Reward Life Global Limited Is a direct sales MLM Company formed by two India brothers, Milind thakker and Dhwal thakker in November 2017.

The Company was invented to provide extraordinary products and services to the market. Currently, the company hold offices at G.I.D.C. Mira road Mumbai, NEW DELHI, KOLKATA INDIA respectively.

The company spreads and markets top of the line DE ULTIMATE REWARDLIFE manufactured by AROGYA JYOTI GMP CERTIFIED FACTORY INDIA. and exceptional blended herbs.

DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE is the only direct sales company accredited by AROGYA JYOTI as its exclusive distributor for Direct sales in India. DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE is contemplated one of the top companies in the MLM industry and is a faithful promoter of direct sales explorer. It's intense "pro distributors" Compensation plan has captivated and profited hundreds of thousands of distributors. The business has administered liberties for distributors to gain financial independence and have administered a better future for their families.

DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE has elaborated a strong bearing with 2 branch offices in Mumbai and New Delhi and 15 business center offices in India. The movement to go universal has opened big Liberty for the company. And in just a few years, DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE has established International office in Nigeria. The company extended to Africa and established its offices in Nigeria and about to set up Ghana. As a pro distributor marketing company, DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE is faithful to providing the distributors the main idea of the company, a beaming future. The company has associated with various schools, clinics and hospitals to administer Charity and Medical programs invented to help our distributors and their families benefits of affordable, quality Education and Medical Services.

The company accept the devotion and diligent of its top distributors and Award them with all debt paid travel incentives to fur ther inspire them to exceed in the direct sales business.

At the movement, the company leaders and distributors travel around the country as "ambassadors" adver tising the good news of health and abundance that could be achieved from DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE after effect to economic progress.

Our Mission

We want to make a positive difference, Health and materials represent the three fields in which we use technology and products to provide results to brighten the lives of people today and generations to come.

HEALTH: Our health result cover everything from Advanced biomedical devices that help people live active lives for longer to health enhancing nutritional ingredients.