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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Since everybody has a different situation, we cannot categorically state how long it will take for someone to achieve the results they are looking for. Past customer feedback really does vary based on each person's individual circumstance making it very difficult to predict results. However, within the first week of using our product we guarantee you would have started seeing some positive changes.

Answer: De-Ultimate reward life products are generally taken for a period of at least 3months.. The length of time someone would choose to take our products varies greatly based on an individual's health situation, stress level, and toxicity of the body. These factors make it difficult to put an exact length of time you will need to take the products.

Answer: All natural substances like vegetables, meats, fruits, herbs and many other forms of foods may cause a "side effect" on a small population of sensitive individuals. While our herbal products do not have negative side effects like ones associated with orthodox Medicine, the body can experience side effects while going through a "Detox" from the natural cleansing properties of herbs. When someone begins our natural products, the body may begin to optimize organ and cellular function. When this occurs, the body will begin to excrete toxins such as previously taken drugs, pollutants, bacteria, chemicals and other harmful substances that have been stored in the body. While this is very healthy, symptoms may include headaches, diarrhea, acne, nausea or fatigue.

Answer: You should not change your medical prescription regimen in any way without first consulting your primary medical doctor. As your health improves, you should continue to work with your primary medical practitioner. Additional information: In general, it is important for all users of medications to understand that ALL medications / drugs have harmful side effects. This is due to their chemical and synthetic makeup.

Answer: All products of De-Ultimate Reward Life Global are natural herbal products designed to balance the body and support health. Since our products are simply natural herbal products designed to promote healthy balance, they should not interfere with most prescription drugs / medications, and we always advise that De-Ultimate Reward Life Global products be taken at least 2 hours apart from any chemical drugs so that the drugs will not make De-Ultimate Reward Life Global products ineffective. We also advise you to consult with a primary healthcare physician if you are concerned in anyway. Please note that our customers have had the best results in consulting with doctors whom are educated in herbal medicine so that your physician's opinion will be an herbal educated opinion and not one based on a lack of knowledge.

Answer: According to NAFDAC and the U.S. FDA, no natural dietary supplement company is allowed to make any claims of that their products treat or cure a disease. The FDA only allows drug companies to make these types of "treat or cure" type of claims for approved chemical drugs. De-Ultimate Reward Life Global supplements are designed to be used simply as an all-natural dietary supplement to support and maintain a healthy body. Stress reduction, as well as healthier dietary and lifestyle choices, are other important factors to investigate that may offer the body the best chance to heal itself.

Answer: Yes you may. To minimize and prevent "Detoxification" effects of the body, as well as ease your body into any new product, we suggest that you take a reduced amount of supplements when you first begin any herbal product. Simply take one capsule or tablet, twice daily for the first 3 days. Then, add one additional capsule or tablet every three days until you get to the recommended usage. For those with digestion problems or if stomach upset occurs, these herbal dietary supplements can be taken with food or right before you eat, however, we do suggest taking them on an empty stomach in the future for best results. Always drink 8 ounces of pure water, 6 to 7 times daily to help the body rid itself of toxins and regain optimum health.*

Answer: Traditional Medicine does not approach a disease by treating symptoms like in Orthodox Medicine. Rather, it is based on a philosophy of encouraging harmony and balance in the body so the body can heal itself. The key to good health is a combination of cellular balance of the body and detoxification of the organs. As the body and organ system becomes balanced and the cells can communicate properly, the body has an amazing ability to improve its health. This is why you may have experienced unexpected positive health results while on these herbal products. We receive many similar testimonials from our customers.

Answer: De-Ultimate Reward Life Global adopt the direct marketing approach, so that users of the product can benefit both health wise and also enjoy financial freedom using and recommending our products to friends and loved ones, so our product can be gotten through whoever introduces the product to you.