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Our Policy



The principles and agenda actualized in this archive are being achieved to administer sales and marketing activity as well as avoid abnormal, illegitimate or defamatory acts within the company. These policies shall govern the relationship between the Distributor and REWARD LIFE GLOBAL and such other matters related to these policies. Every Distributor is contemplated to be experienced of the following principles and reside by the same to insure his or her accomplishment as well as that of the company.


In all enforced agreements you sign with DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE and DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE GLOBAL.broadcast literature, unless the fact, aside from requires, the following words and formulate shall have the following meanings:

"Aspirant" - A person who is interested to become an DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE Distributor.

"Reward Life sensation accomplishment plan (ASAP)" - This is an intense training on the effect of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) in relation to the business of DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE. and vital skills in doing the business.

"Specialty Center " - The place where the Specialty Center Office carry on seminars, trainings and direct selling of products in a definite area.

"Specialty Center Office (SCO)" - The only official and authorized Distributor who can operate a Specialty Center outside of the Head Office of DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE No two BCOs are allowed to operate in the same area.

"Commercial Website" - www..........................com is the official website of DE ULTIMATE REWARD

"Bonus Points" - Points used in adding up Binary - level and Stair Step commission.

"Bridge - lining" - This is the Distributors' act of apportioning from one Distributors' organization to another. This is strictly prohibited.

"Downline" - He/She is the sponsored distributor who subsequently formed part of the network of the sponsor or upline, either directly sponsored by the last or not.

"Direct Down line" - He/She is the one instantly invited by a sponsor to account of the Total Package and become an independent distributor.

"Distributorship" - The nomination by DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE emerge as a distributor.

"Distributor Enrollment Form (DEF)" - When a person loves to become a distributor of REWARD LIFE he/she must sign the Distributor Enrollment Form, which bottle up the principles and conditions of the company. If a person registers as a distributor online or via the company website, an aspirant is considered to have read, understood and agreed to the policies of the company.

"Distributors Price (DP)" - The price of products set for registered distributors of Reward Life.

"Distributors Following Center (DFC)" - This is generally known as the "Distributors' Website". This is where a distributor can sight and guide his / her account reproducing the personal information, genealogy, and income.The DFC is attained by clicking on the "Member's Login" link in the commercial website of DE ULTIMATE REWARD LIFE

"Top Brass Distributor" - Any distributor who has qualified as such according to the marketing plan of REWARD LIFE. It includes Silver Top Brass (STB), Gold Top Brass (GTB) and Global Ambassador (GA).

"Total Package( TP)"Commonly known also as the CAREER KIT for a New Distributor, comprises different products, file presentation kit, distributor enrollment form (DEF), and I.D, product brochures.

"Cartel" - A Distributor may have three (3)cartels when he/ she births his/ her network under one account; the Left Cartel , Middle Cartel and the Right Cartel. For each cartel , the Distributor may have as many down lines as he or she can boss.

"Live streaming" - The Hope Plan Presentation (HPP)may be behold via live streaming on this website: www.................com approval for entrance must be attained from management.

"Network" - This dwells of the Distributors' organization/s or cartels, which include the complex of the Distributors' down lines.

"New Distributor Sense of Direction (NDSO)" - This is a seminar on how and why to do the business.

"Liberty Plan Presentation (LPP)" - This is the compensation plan presentation discussing the Total Package, gain,products and compensation plan.

"Bearing Points" - Points used in adding up current position as Silver Top Brass (STB), Gold Top Brass (TB) orGlobal Ambassador (GA).

"Sponsor" - A distributor who introduces and registers a person to REWARD LIFE, who finally converts as a distributor by advantage of the company's approval of the Distributor Enrollment. Sponsors are commonly known as Direct Uplines. A sponsor is answerable for training and encouraging his / her down lines in the direction of business.

"Advise Retail Price (ARP)" - The selling price set for consumers.

"Technical Training" - Training on the Principles conditions and custom of direction of the company, how to manage the distributors following center (DFC), how to conceal recruits ;