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Our Products

Our products are natural herbal medicine made from the best natural fruits, blended together to form a working solution to health problems. they are GMP cer tified and approved by NAFDAC.

Algra Syrup

Algra is a narural herbal product made from natural fruits like; Aloevera, Lemon Grass, Javara plant and more. Algra is a very strong herbal medicine that works directly with the body cells.

Component Of Algra


Lemon Grass


Benefits Of Algra

Lowers Cholesterol

Detoxify the body

Treatment of Cancer

Treatment of STD

Helps to correct stomach disorder

Treatment of Insomnia

Treatment of Asthma

Treatment for bacterial and virus infections

It cures Fever

Treatment of Diabetes

Treatment of Rheumatism

Boosts the immune system

Treatment for skin problems

Improves cellular health

Treats Edema

Treatment of Aromatherapy


Treatment of obesity

Treatment of body odor

Treatment of Fibroid

Treatment of Osteoar thrithis

Helpful for Depression

Heals cold and sores

Aids Digestion

Helpful for blood purification

Control of stomach worms

Helps to improve muscle tone

Act as a good source of vitamin

It balances hemoglobin levels

Contains over 370 nutrients

Ambla Syrup

Ambla is a natural ayur vedic herbal product made from natural Gooseberry fruit. The antioxidants and vitamins found in Ambla berries offers several health benefits. High concentrations of vitamin C in Ambla helps the body recover from illness.

Component Of Ambla

- Gooseberry

- Ribes uva-Crispa

Benefits Of Ambla

- Lowers Cholesterol

- It protects the body from free radicals

- It reduces inflammation, arthritis, and osteoporosis

- It promotes healthy urinary system

- It serves as an Energizer

- It boosts protein metabolism

- It helps to flush out toxins

- It takes care of cardiovascular problems

- It is helpful for treatment of bacteria infection

- It is helpful for stronger teeth and nails

- It reduces the level of acidity in the body

- It protects the pancreas from renal diseases

- It can be use for the treatment of ulcer

- It has over 400 nutrient for body development.

Trifala Syrup

Trifala is a natural Ayur vedic product made up of Terminaliachebula, Terminalia Belerica and Emblica Offinalis.

Component Of Trifala

Harder (Terminaliachebula)

Baheda (Terminalia Belerica)

Emblica Offinalis

Benefits Of Trifala

- Helpful for liver function (NAFLD & CIRRHOSIS), JAUNDICE and remove excess body fat.

- Helps balance blood sugar

- Supports a healthy reproductive system

- Promotes stable and healthy energy levels

- Cleanses and nourishes the blood

- Awakens Digestion

- Promotes healthy hair

- Tonic for a clear mind

- Corrects the flow of vata

- Protects and tonifies the eyes

- Improves hair health

- Protector of the heart by supporting healthy cholesterol levels and integrity and cleanliness of the arterial walls

- It takes care of Gall stones and treats Diarrhea

- Helpful for Gastrointestinal conditions and Anemia

- It control its sugar levels and relieves Hemorrhage

- Absorbs fluids from the intestines and cures Headache

- Increases longevity and libido for sex

- Treatment for Loss of Appetite

- Removes and treats Tumors

- Helpful for Impotency

- It contains over 400 nutrients.